Blog Post Planning Kit (Template & SEO Guides)

You know you need to write blog posts, if nothing else but for search engine optimization and as a way to add your opt-in forms. Blog posts are at the core of content marketing and planning not to mention writing said blog posts can be exhausting.

With this blog post planner and content writing kit you get:

  • Outline and blank templates for 6 types of blog posts
  • Content writing and SEO guide
  • 3 Freebies

With this kit, you’ll know exactly how to optimize your blog posts for humans and search engines, but even better you’ll know exactly what goes in the introduction, body, and conclusion of your blog posts.


You need a blog post planner or at the very least a simple system for easily planning blog posts. Blog posts are at the core of content marketing and planning not to mention writing said blog posts can be exhausting.

Planning your blog posts should be easy, it should not make you anxious or frustrated, and most importantly should NOT come with a planner so complicated you cannot make heads or tails of it.

You know you need an introduction, the body of the body, the conclusion, and a call to action somewhere in there. But what exactly goes in the “body” of the blog post? How to you need to optimize your blog posts for SEO and human readability but once again, it’s not very easy.

What if we gave you templates on how to write 6 types of blog posts, broke down what goes in the body, introduction, and conclusion of each blog post type. AND guided you on how to optimize the blog post for Search engines?

This means you get blog post planners (outlines and blank templates) and an SEO guide you can use.

At FOR HER EMPIRE, we don’t just give female entrepreneurs easy-to-use content creation resources, we give you a guide explaining how to use the resource and why it is important for YOUR BUSINESS.

Our blog post planner Kit includes:

  • 1 List of Free writing software to use
  • 1 Content Writing Template + SEO Guide
  • 6 Blog post Planners (Outlines +SEO Guides)
  • 7 editable Blank templates (Writing template and Blog post planners)
  • Freebie: A Brand Positioning Statement Template
  • Freebie: A Weekly Planner
  • Freebie: 30 Minutes Coaching Session

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