Hello Empress, we are so so happy that you’re here. Here at For Her Empire, our life goal is to celebrate, motivate, and support female entrepreneurs.

Choosing to start your own business is a HUGE DEAL! And the fact that you actually took action instead of just dreaming about it is a big milestone.

Especially since running a business has its ups and downs that can be incredibly rewarding but also frustrating sometimes.

We don’t want you to give up when things get tough, we don’t want to see another female entrepreneur who gave up on her dreams.

We know it takes a lot to create a successful business so we’re here to help you throughout each step of the journey.

Who is For Her Empire For?

For Her Empire is for female entrepreneurs in the startup phase of their business. This typically means female entrepreneurs just about to launch their business or female entrepreneurs in the first 3 years of their business.

No matter whether you’re working a full-time job with limited time to spend on a new business, or you’re a stay at home mom wanting to use your extra time to make some money on the side, or you’ve already launched your business and you’re thinking “Now What? – we’ve got you covered. 

We have so many resources to help you launch, build, and grow your business. Let’s help you build your Business Empire.

I feel so privileged to have attended the Female Entrepreneur Startup live workshop, I feel like it was a divine intervention/ connection for me. I have really been trying to start my business but have been feeling overwhelmed with information that I was not quite able to put into action.

The Female Entrepreneur Startup live workshop was a very simple presentation but made a world of difference for me. It was so personalized and so special. The workshop gave me clarity on some issues that were not clear to me and now I feel ready to start my business.

Thank you so much Abbie for your selfless act to help other women learn and develop themselves.

May God bless your initiatives at For Her Empire Support Community for Female Entrepreneurs.

Beth Mbugua

Licensed Nurse & Elderly Care Supplies

Abbie as a person is amazing and so is the workshop. I love how bubbly she is and how she makes sure people engage. This way she makes sure everyone walks away with tons of value after the workshop.

Besides all the useful information and mostly new information, Abbie helped me to get clear on my “WHY”. I’m super focused again and ready to rock. Thanks Abbie!!

Claudia Degen

Happiness Coach

Abbie is a marketing guru. I have attended several of her marketing classes and for sure she is equipped in building startups into big brands.

She is also a great Business Coach, and is knowledgeable about Business Strategy. Not to mention she very easy to talk to.

I recommend female entrepreneur to attend her coaching classes if you are looking to grow your business.

Patience Atsango

Branding & Sales Strategist

Abbie is amazing and insightful and a pleasure to work and collaborate with! She has an amazing mission to help and support Business Owners and I am so excited to be walking with her during this part of her journey!

Her positivity and drive shines through her mission! Thank you Abbie!

Jen Bilger

Leadership & Sales Coach